Get Smart II  YuYu the World’s longest Hot Water Bottle
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Product Images October 2017_YUYU11

YuYu the World’s longest Hot Water Bottle

Our YuYu’s have been chosen with 10% cashmere ,(luxury fleece out of stock at the moment)  and Liberty Fabric covers.   The cashmere covers do not have straps.   A YuYu bottle requires no more water to fill it than an ordinary shaped one, approximately one kettle full.   If using your YuYu for targeting aches and pains around your body, it is advised to fill with less water.  Do not use boiling water.   Cashmere covers should be hand washed.   Luxury fleece and Liberty fabrics are machine washable at 30 degrees.   Measuring 81 cm the elongated shape of the YuYu can be wrapped round your body, and with the extendable strap feature you can enjoy hands free heat application as you tie the YuYu round your waist, back or shoulders.

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About the Brand


In 2011 Richard Yu registered a design for a long hot water bottle.   The design was registered in 42 countries around the world.   6 months later Richard Yu was granted the design in all countries, becoming the first person in history to register a long hot water bottle.   He called his invention the YuYu bottle.   The bubbles on the surface of the rubber bottle count not only as a massaging feature, but also create air pockets under the fabric cover which in turn allows the bottle to stay warm longer.   The rubber is sourced from Sri Lanka, where the finest rubber trees are grown and is eco-friendly, biodegradable, fair trade, flexible and beautifully soft.  The YuYu mission statement is to stay special, stay different and mostly, to continually  innovate their original long hot water bottles and share the wonderful and intimate gift of warmth with all their customers.   Private hospitals and medical experts have come forward to endorse the conveniently “long shaped” hot water bottle for pain relief and comfort for a range of chronic illnesses ranging from Endometriosis to Crohn’s disease.