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The Little Shop Of –   designers of The Little Book of Earrings   The Little Book of Rings   The Little Book of Necklaces, Bundle Bags, Wash Bags

The answer to those problems of keeping your earrings, rings and necklaces tidy.    

Little Book of Earrings and Rings  £19.95

Little Book of Necklaces       £32.00

Bundle Bags

This clever little pouch is the ideal travel companion. Its individual pockets are useful for holding bangles, beads and watches etc.

When the ribbons are pulled they close the compartments to keep the contents safe and secure at home or when travelling.

Half open, the Bundle Bag becomes a perfect dressing table tray, keeping everything safe and in one place.

Small    £20.00   Large   £22.00

About the Brand


The Little Shop Of was started by  Jackie and Simon in April 2009 to sell their product The Little Book of Earrings. The book came about after Jackie had, searched for years for a neat way to store and organise her earrings.   Since then they have expanded their business to produce a range of products thoughtfully designed to keep things neat and tidy at home or when travelling