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Product Images October 2017_Drysure13
Drysure Extreme oven resize
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Drysure Extreme Boot Dryers for use all year round

What makes Drysure better for your boots and shoes:

No heat or electricity required

Improves Personal Hygiene by drying your footwear which will reduce bacteria and fungal growth.

Quick drying.   Dry your running and cycling shoes in as little as 4-6 hours.  Ski boots and motorbike boots will dry overnight.

Long lasting: Drysure Extreme can absorb up to 10 days of sweat and moisture before needing to be re-activated.

12 X better than Air Drying:   Silica Oxide Beads combined with the high gloss outershell improves the airflow thus improving Drysure’s performance.

Dry properly, Dry Safely:   Heatless drying is the only safe way to dry heat-moulded footbeds or other expensive materials (e.g. leather footwear)

How to re-activate when drying becomes less effective:    put on a warm radiator, in direct sunlight or remove the outer shell and put the bead bags in the over @ (212F) for 1-2 hours (Most effective method)

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About the Brand


DRYSURE is not just about drying shoes and boots, it is about improving your footcare……….

Drysure is a start-up brand that makes shoe and boot dryers, using a unique design that allows moisture to be absorbed from your damp or sweaty ski boots, wellingtons, trainers, running shoes, cycling shoes etc. twelve times faster than regular drying.   Drysure come in 2 designs, “Active” for low ankle footwear and “Extreme” for ski and snowboard boots etc.   Founder of Drysure, James Robbins says, “when developing Drysure, sustainability was a key factor from both a practical side and from an ethical perspective.   In addition to providing a non-electrical solution to footwear drying, the product provides a hygienic benefit by helping to reduce fungal growth”.    James first had the idea after a day of “Extreme” weather conditions  whilst skiing.   The thought of having to put wet Ski Boots on in the morning was not a nice one so the brainstorming started and Drysure was born.