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Babies who constantly dribble are often left wearing wet clothes and develop rashes under their chins!

Dribble-Ons provides a stylish and clever solution.   The ‘kerchief-look’ will complement your child’s outfit, as well as keeping it dry.

Dribble-Ons are made of a soft combination of stretch cotton and terry towelling which absorbs the moisture, whilst at the same time being comfortable and cute to wear.  Ideal during teething or for babies who bring up milk after feeding.

SIZE:                       One Size

COLOURS:        Denim Blue    Red      Black and  White

PRICE:    £5.99

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About the Brand


Dribble Ons are the brain child of Sock Ons-creator, Kezi Levin, a young mother of six little boys and a graduate of Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, London.

Kezi managed to merge her love of family with her tenacious artistic ability and it was a case of necessity, proving to be the mother of invention, that yielded her original creation, Sock Ons. She has now expanded her range of products to include the popular Dribble Ons.