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Classic Canes Derby  Acrylic  Handle     Walking Sticks.

The Derby handle is reputed to be the invention of an earlier Lord Derby who wanted a supportive yet elegant stick that could still be hooked over his arm.   It is the most popular of all handle shapes, offering excellent support by carrying the user’s weight directly above the shaft of the cane, whilst the elegant curves to the handle prevent the user’s hand slipping backwards or forwards.  Smooth, cool acrylic is very comfortable to hold.  The bright, shiny handles also make these canes look very chic.   Non adjustable shaft.

Acrylic Handle with painted hardwood shaft.

COLOUR:   Silver     Champagne

PRICE:   £52.00

Acrylic Handle with beech shaft.

COLOUR:   Leopard

PRICE:   £48






About the Brand


Classic Canes is an unusual and highly specialist family business, based in Somerset.  Established in 1982 they now supply a wide range of traditional and contemporary walking sticks, seat sticks and umbrellas to a wide variety of retailers around the world.   Many of their rustic walking sticks are grown and manufactured in their own woodlands.   Other items are made to their design in the best factories in this country and abroad.   Known for the style, high quality and elegance, Classic Canes firmly believe that whilst practical and functional, walking sticks should also be attractive accessories through which users can express their personal sense of style.