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We have put a system in place to protect you whilst visiting Get Smart. We have a one-way system, hand sanitiser, rubber gloves, disinfectant spray and a commercial steam cleaner. All to keep you safe. Perspex screens surround the payment area. Cards or cash accepted.

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This week at Get Smart

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This week at Get Smart

When you visit Milkhope you will see once again we have a view across the fields as you drive in and out. The Brenkley opencast on the other side of the road has now finished mining and is reinstating the land. Straughans, a local farming family who specialise in this kind of farming are working the topsoil back into place on top of the mine ready for planting. Tetraploid grass seeds will be drilled, these grow very fast and put out extensive root systems which will create soil structure and hopefully put more organic matter into the soil. This grass will be down for a year allowing the land time to settle. The plan then is to put in drains and grow crops in fields in the middle of the 200 acres with grass paddocks around the outside for our Belted Galloways to graze. This was the agreed reinstatement policy within the planning conditions at the outset of the dig. The mining has not been an easy neighbour. A rock fault line directly under the shop meant we felt the blasting more than most which was frightening for customers who were unaware of the mine. On a few occasions we even had product falling off shelves and render dislodging from walls!